Jamie Powers

Artist Bio

Jamie Powers’  work represents the world as he sees it.  Growing up in MacDowell County, West Virginia, he has watched the landscapes he grew up with disappear from then face of the earth, never to return.  His passionate work is both a reaction to and a commentary on the wholesale destruction of landforms, watersheds, and wildlife habitat.

Jamie works in mixed media – acrylics, pen and ink, pencil, bone, and found objects.  His proficient use of color and texture combine to convey the mood of his artwork, dexterously drawing us into his world, inviting us to see what he sees, feel what he feels.

Jamie has been invited to exhibit at many shows focusing on mountaintop removal and environmental issues and has exhibited at the Huntington Museum of art.  his illustrations have been published in various books and magazines and his commissioned art has graced album covers.

Browse the gallery below & click on images to see titles.

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